Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Skeleton (bunch of sentences) for a story.

Student wants to play soccer with Messi.  He knows a lot about soccer, but only from reading books.
He has never actually played.  He writes a letter to Messi, telling him that he wants to play.  Messi decides to play him, and they go to the soccer field.  All the student's friends go to cheer for him, and all of Messi's teammates go to cheer for him.  The game starts, and all the friends start yelling at him, saying pages from the student's soccer books.  "Page 23!"  The boy does something fabulous.  (I know NOTHING about soccer, so you should put in specifics)  Messi tries to make a great play, and another friend calls out, "128!" and the boy makes another great pass. And so on.  Finally, Messi is so impressed that he offers the student a place on the team.

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