Monday, April 8, 2013

This story is for Ignacio, who wanted a funny, interesting story in English.

Sam wanted to do something special.  Trouble is, he wasn't sure what special thing he could do that would turn heads and make people notice him.  So Sam thought and thought and then he thought some more.  Finally, he went to his old grandfather.  "Grandpa, if someone could do anything for you--anything at all--what would you like them to do?

Grandpa was very methodical.  He never did anything fast.  He thought about Sam's question carefully and then thought some more.  Finally he said, "If someone could do anything for me, what I'd like them to do is to take away the trash that has accumulated in my yard"

No sooner had Sam's grandfather said the words than Sam was off to do this special thing.  Trouble is, he didn't go to his grandfather's yard.  Instead, he went to the house across the street and took everything out of their yard.  Chairs, tables, a hammock--everything went into the trash.  "Lucky for them," Sam said to himself, "Today's trash day!"  Pleased that he had done something important that people would notice, Sam went off to school.

When he came home, Sam found his father comforting his neighbor, an old woman.  His neighbor was crying!  "I can't believe that anyone would be that mean!" The neighbor was saying.  "I had been visiting my grandchildren, and when I came home, all my lawn furniture was gone!  Even my poor dead husband's hammock!"  Sam's grandfather was very sad.  "Poor, poor thing,"  he said.  I can't imagine why anyone would have done such a despicable act!"  Sam was horrified, especially when he realized that the trash man had already come by.  There was nothing he could do--everything was gone.

Sam felt really bad when he realized that he had not done a special thing, but it turns out that he really had.  Sam's grandfather and his neighbor, Mrs. Millikin, became very good friends after that.  They visited each others' houses so often that one day Grandfather said, "It would save us a lot of money if we sold one of our houses and lived in the same house together.  Slowly getting on one knee, he said, "Lucy, (Lucy was Mrs. Millikin's first name) will you marry me?"  Of course Lucy said yes, and so Grandfather and Lucy got married.  They sold Lucy's house and moved in to Grandpa's.  As a wedding present, Grandpa bought Lucy all-new lawn furniture, and Sam cleaned out Granpa's yard.  Now everyone was happy!

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