Monday, August 12, 2013

First full lesson and story--Spanish 1

Okay, to start off, I have not taught Spanish 1 in many years.  I'm...well, rusty is a good word.  Plus, when I taught in California, I used Look, I Can Talk More in Spanish 1.  It was a trial, and it worked.  I'm not sure why Blaine didn't promote it, but I think it's because the idea of teaching in present/past came up at the same time, and that one seemed more worthwhile, maybe.  Anyway, the school I'm out now uses Look, I Can Talk for Spanish 1 and LICTM for Spanish 2.  So I feel out of my depth.

I started on Friday with our first oral lesson.  We did lots of PQA using the following vocabulary: hay, tiene, quiere, va, le gusta.  In addition, I introduced "quien", "que", "cual".  Friday we had a full day of PQA, then Monday we did an oral story.  It was about a boy who wanted a dog, so he went to a pet store.  He found a dog, but it was one color and he wanted two.  He went to another store, but it was a Pug, and he didn't like Pugs.  Then he went to a third store--he found his dog.  Directly after that, we went to the story.  Like the previous story, it was in the present tense.  I don't go into the past tense for at least a month.  I want some continuity of tense.  Please understand--I have never been part of Von's past/present experiment, and I'm not sure I can do it justice.  I see nothing wrong with it; it just isn't something I'm willing to do right now.

The story is about a boy who wants a blue dog.  He goes to his mother, but she has no dogs.  She says to go to her grandmother.  The grandmother has big dogs, little dogs, pretty dogs, and ugly dogs, but no blue dogs.  She says that there are lots of blue dogs in Walmart (that always got a laugh--not sure why).  So then he goes to Walmart.  There are lots of dogs there, too, and there is also a big blue plastic dog and a little blue plastic dog.  He is very happy.  He buys the big blue plastic dog and goes to his house.

First year--lots and lots and LOTS of repetition.  No matter how much you do it, there will still be some who don't get it.

More later.

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