Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just a short post today, with a request.  I am currently putting together a book of my short stories.  It will be only in Spanish, but I will also be putting another book out there in English (same book, just different translation).  I'm putting it together to give you an option for SSR.  At this point, I'm just thinking of putting together the stories in chapters according to the vocabulary lists that I use.  I will have the vocabulary list first, then the stories.

My question is this:  what would you like to see in an SSR book besides just the stories and the lists (so that you can know the vocabulary used at a glance)?  I'm thinking that this is something you can use for your students--can you think of something else that I should include?

Please comment if you have any suggestions.  Thanks!


  1. For those of us who have to teach from a textbook it would be nice to see at a glance what grammar it focuses on. For instance, if I'm starting the chapter that teaches "ser" I know to use the story on page 3... I know TPRS stories don't really work that way but it would be helpful

  2. I'll see what I can do. It would help me (though it's a lot of work for you) if you would enclose what you need to focus on. I have the problem that I've only ever used TPRS, never a "normal" textbook, so I have no idea of the different foci.


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