Saturday, January 18, 2014

No story, just news about the book...

Hi Everyone--
I wanted to let you know that my book will be available BY TUESDAY on Amazon.  I have received the edit and will take care of that today.  I'm waiting for the forward and then it's a go.

The title will be "El cochino blanco y otros cuentos".  I know that some have questioned the title, but after much thought, I decided to leave it.  This is a true story, and I know that my husband would have called it "el cochino".  So I'm leaving it in honor of his memory.

You have asked me about who the book is designed for.  Originally, I thought that as an SSR book, it should be for Spanish 3.  Now, however, I think that I'm revising that a little.  If you want to use this as an assisted reading book (maybe to supplement your own stories), it would be appropriate for Spanish 2.  For true SSR, you should go with 3.

In this printing, I am trying to keep to the SSR idea and so I'm not giving vocabulary suggestions.  However, I do have the vocabulary listed and will be happy to provide it through the email given in the book.

I will post again when the book publishes.

If you like it, please post a favorable review.  Our reviews are what  brings others to buy the books.

Thanks for supporting this venture!  It was your interest that made me start in the first place.  I will be publishing others soon, starting with a reader for 1st year.

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