Monday, February 18, 2013

spanish 2 story--se llevaban bien etc. eng and sp

I've been asked to list my stories in English as well as Spanish.  I'm wondering if that wouldn't be the best solution to my Spanish as well.  Also, if you teach, say, French and translate an English story of mine, would you mind including the translation in the comments, on Sirena baila on fb, or by email ( That way I can include it here and others will profit from it.

le invitó a cenar = Pat invited him to eat dinner
se llevaban bien = They were getting along well
le quitó el $ =        Pat took $ away from him/her
dejó a su novio = Pat dumped her boyfriend
¡Oye!                    Listen up!

There was a couple named Marcos and Celeste.  The boyfriend and girlfriend were getting along well, although Celeste always paid the bill when they went out.  One day, Marcos forgot his wallet on the dresser.  Another day, it was the day before payday.  When Celeste didn't pay, the couple had a day in the park with a picnic.

Había una pareja llamada Marcos y Celeste.  Los novios se llevaban bien aunque Celeste siempre pagaba la cuenta cuando salían.  Un día, Marcos olvidó su cartera en el ropero.  Otro día, era el día antes del día de paga.  Cuando Celeste no pagaba, la pareja tenía un día en el parque con una comida campestre (picnic). 

One day, Celeste decided the she was using too much money, and things should change.  She decided to talk with Marcos.  "Listen, Marcos!  I have a problem.  Marcos wanted to know what his girlfriend's problem was.  She told him, "When we go out, I always pay the bill.  I don't like to always pay the bill. I get embarrassed paying the bill.  Marcos smiled.  "Not a problem.  I'll pay the bill.

Un día, Celeste decidió que estaba usando demasiado dinero, y las cosas debían cambiar.  Ella decidió hablar con Marcos.  --¡Oye, Marcos! Tengo un problema.--  Marcos quería saber que problema tenía su novia.  Ella le dijo: --Cuando salimos, siempre pago la cuenta.  A mi no me gusta siempre pagar la cuenta.  Me da vergüenza pagar la cuenta.--  Marcos sonrió.  --No hay problema.  Yo pago la cuenta.--

When Marcos and Celeste went out again, they went to a very elegant restaurant.  Celeste was very excited because she knew that Marcos was going to pay the bill. She ordered expensive food.  When the couple finished dinner, Marcos asked her, "Do you have $100?"  Celeste did have the money.  She showed it to Marcos.  Marcos took the money and gave it to the waiter.  Celeste was furious and dumped her boyfriend.

Cuando Marcos y Celeste salieron de nuevo, fueron a un restaurante muy elegante.  Celeste estaba muy emocionada porque sabía que Marcos iba a pagar la cuenta.  Ella pidió comida cara.  Cuando la pareja terminó la cena, Marcos le preguntó, --¿Tienes $100?-- de Celeste.  Celeste sí tenía el dinero.  Lo mostró a Marcos.  Marcos le quitó el dinero y se lo dio al mesero.  Celeste estaba furiosa y dejó a su novio.  

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