Sunday, February 17, 2013

Story--English and Spanish--Spanish 2--he knew, he didn't pay attention, he was lucky, etc

Vocab:  he knew (how), he didn't pay attention (ignored), he started (to…), he was lucky

Bella and Edward were a couple, It was a little difficult for them, because Edward was a vampire.  One day, Edward asked Bella, "Do you want to play golf with me?  Belly told Edward that she didn't know how to play golf, but he ignored her.  The couple went to a golf course in Forks, Washington, that was named Bear Mountain Golf Course.  They started to play, but they played very slowly.  Bella didn't know which golf club to use, where the holes were, and she also was very unlucky. It wasn't a problem--Edward never got mad or impatient with her.

Suddenly Edward said, "Bella, I need to eat.  I'm really hungry. What a problem!  Edward was a vampire--Where could he eat?  But really, that wasn't a problem.  They looked for food and soon they found it.  There was a bear that was the course mascot.  Edward ran to the course owners and shouted, "Someone is drowning in the lake at the golf course!  Rescue him!  The owners ran to the lake, but ther was nobody drowning.  When they returned, the bear had escaped!! Nobody knew where he went--nobody except Edward and Bella.

Bella y Edward eran novios. Era un poco difícil, porque Edward era vampiro.  Un día, Edward le dijo: --Bella, ¿quieres jugar al golf conmigo?  Bella le dijo a Edward que no sabía jugar al golf, pero él no le hizo caso a ella. Los novios fueron a un campo de golf en Forks, Washington, que se llamaba Campo de golf montaña del oso.  Empezaron a jugar, pero jugaron muy despacio.  Bella no sabía cual palo de golf usar, dónde estaban los hoyos, y también tenía muy mala suerte.
No era problema-Edward nunca se puso enfadado con ella ni se puso impaciente.
De repente, Edward le dijo:  --Bella, necesito comer.  Tengo mucha hambre.  ¡Problema!  Edward era vampiro--¿Dónde podía comer?  No había problema.  Buscaron comida y de pronto la encontraron.  Había un oso que era la mascota del campo de golf.  Edward corrió a los dueños del campo y gritó:  ¡Alguien se ahoga en el lago del campo!  ¡Rescátenlo!  Los dueños corrieron al lago, pero no había nadie ahogándose.  Cuando regresaron, ¡el oso había desaparecido!  Nadie sabía adónde fue—nadie menos Edward y Bella.

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