Saturday, February 23, 2013

"specialized" stories, story using "broke, was broken, since"

Do you have a special need?  For example, do you work at a Christian school and need a Christ-based story?  Do you need stories that go with a certain book or theme?  How about writing in a certain tense or person?

From time to time, I will give examples of these, as well as more cultural stories.  Some, I think, I will just write in English--you can transfer to whatever language you wish.  Would just writing in English be easier (more preferable) to you, or should I keep writing in Spanish?

Here is a story that is primarily in the yo-form.

broke, was broken, since

It started in the morning.  I wanted a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  While I was grabbing the cereal, I tripped and fell.  The cereal box broke and there was cereal everywhere. I cleaned the floor and looked at the box.  It was broken--there was no more cereal inside.  I threw it in the trash and since there was no more cereal, I ate yoghurt.

 Empezó en la mañana.  Quería un tazón de cereal para el desayuno.  Mientras agarraba el cereal, tropecé y me caí.  La caja de cereal rompió y había cereal por todas partes.  Limpié (I cleaned) el piso y miré a la caja.  Estaba rota—no había mas cereal adentro.  La eché en la basura y –ya que no había mas cereal--comí yogur.

After breakfast, I approached the car to go to school.  I opened the door and was getting in when I heard something break!  What happened?  My purse was broken, and all my things were on the ground.  Oh no! I got out of the car, grabbed my things, and since my purse was ripped, I returned to the house to look for another.

Después del desayuno, me acerqué al carro para ir a la escuela.  Abrí la puerta y me subía ¡cuando oí algo romper! ¿Qué pasó?  Mi bolsa estaba rota, y todas mis cosas estaban en el suelo.  ¡O no!  Me bajé del carro, agarré mis cosas, y ahora que mi bolsa estaba rota, volví a la casa para buscar otra.

When--finally!--I arrived at school, my friend Carla was walking to her class.  I got out of the car, closed the door, and was running to her when I hear a sound--rrrip! I looked down--the heel of my shoe had broken!  Since it was broken, I got  the shoes and ran to my friend.  We were entering the clasroom when the teacher saw that I didn't have shoes on my feet.  Ao\lthough I explained that they were broken, she sent me to the dean since I had no shoes.  She gave me ugly boys shoes!  When I returned to the classroom, I didn't want to study.

Cuando--¡por fin! llegué a la escuela, mi amiga Carla andaba a su clase.  Me bajé del carro, cerró la puerta, y corría a ella cuando oí un sonido--¡rompe!  Miré abajo--¡el talón de mi zapato se había roto!  Ya que estaba roto, agarré los zapatos y corrí a mi amiga.  Entrábamos el salón de clase cuando la profesora vio que no tenía zapatos en mis pies.  Aunque expliqué que estaban rotas, ella me mandó a la deán ya que no tenía zapatos.  ¡Ella me dio zapatos feos de un chico!  Cuando revolví al salón, no quería estudiar. 

At the end of the day, I arrived home really tired and sad.  My purse was broken.  My shoes were broken.  There was no more cereal.  What else was going to happen?  When I entered the house, Mom hugged me. "The dean called me and told me that your shoes broke.  Poor thing!  Lets go shopping at Macy's.  Do you want to?"  We went to Macy's and I bought a new purse, new shoes, and some dresses and blouses, too.  What a tremendous day!

Al fin del día, llegué a casa muy cansada y triste.  Mi bolsa estaba rota.  Mis zapatos estaban rotos.  No había más cereal.  ¿Qué más iba a pasar?  Cuando entré la casa, mamá me abrazó.  –La deán me llamó y me dijo que tus zapatos rompieron.  ¡Pobrecita!  Vamos a ir de compras a Macys.  ¿Quieres?  Fuimos a Macys y compré una bolsa nueva, zapatos nuevos, y unos vestidos y blusas, también. ¡Qué día tremendo!


  1. Thank you! I struggle with coming up with stories for my 2nd year students. This is a great.

  2. I'm glad that it can be helpful. I teach 2nd year, too. Just give me vocab and I'll be happy to help!


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