Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vocabulary: apareció un Socavón: a sinkhole appeared
quería jugar al golf s/he wanted to play golf
¿Qué pasó? What happened?
ganó, perdió he won, he lost

This is a golf story, dedicated to the master golfer Blaine Ray!

Donny was a great golfer. He liked to play golf, and he played in golf courses all over the world. Spain, Japan, Korea, India, Argentina--Donny wanted to play golf in every country. Wherever he went, Donny always was looking for a new golf course.

One day, Donny was visiting his cousin in Waterloo, Illinois. There was a golf course there called Annbriar. The golf pro, Jon, invited him to the course to play 18 holes of golf. Donny wanted to play golf in Annbriar, Donny and Jon started to play. They played for $200 a hole. They were both good players, and Donny won a hole then Jon won a hole. When they got to the 18th hole, Donny had won $1000 and lost $800. He wanted to win on the 18th hole, so he started to play. Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and a great sinkhole appeared! Donny disappeared! Jon yelled, "Donny, what happened?" Donny screamed, "Help me! I need an ambulance! Jon said, "No, I want to know if you got a hole in one!"

An ambulance came and rescued Donny, but he got really mad at Jon and never wanted to play golf in Annbriar again.

This story is based on an actual story, link below.http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/03/golfer-swallowed-by-sinkhole/

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